Xmas 2011 Hacking-Lab Challenge

Hi all,

Thank you for your great support and feedback in this amazing year. With Swiss Cyber Storm 3 and OWASP we have been able to further develop the number of security puzzles in Hacking-Lab. We are very proud to make this a real working internet ready lab!  As a special gift, we will announce today our XMAS CHALLENGE 2011! It consists of 2 independent challenges. The easy one is more a fun challenge, don’t laugh after finishing the puzzle; and  the other is more an advanced challenge about oracle padding. We will put the best out of you on our WALL OF FAME page, that is coming soon in 2012!


* https://www.hacking-lab.com/events/xmas-hacking.html


Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year




Forensic and iPhone Training

Watch out,

Compass Security is providing both, iPhone and Forensic training in Q1 2012!

January: 25./26. 2012:
iPhone Training: http://www.csnc.ch/de/securitytraining/flyer/kursflyer_201201_compass_iPhone_DE.pdf

February 2./3. 2012:
Forensic Training: http://www.csnc.ch/de/securitytraining/flyer/kursflyer_201202_compass_forensic.pdf

Checkout our Compass Training overview page


Ivan B├╝tler