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Month: February 2013

Advanced Metering Infrastructure Architecture and Components

The advanced metering infrastructure (AMI) is typically structured into a bunch of networks and composed of a few major components. Figure 1 provides an overview of all components and most networks. It is made up of the Meter, the Collector and of the server systems at the distribution system operator (DSO) or metering company side. […]

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The Metering Infrastructure

I have provided introductions to the electrical and specifically the smart grid earlier on. Today I will briefly introduce the advanced metering infrastructure – its purpose, benefits and issues. Moreover, different approaches to metering and some ongoing security standards and specifications processes and organizations will be referenced. Purpose of Smart Meters The reason for smart […]

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Compass Security eröffnet Niederlassung in Berlin

Die Compass Security AG unternimmt die nächsten Wachstumsschritte auf europäischer Ebene. Unter der Firmierung Compass Security Deutschland GmbH ( hat das Team rund um Marco Di Filippo (bisher Regional Director Germany) am 01. Januar 2013 ihre Arbeit in Berlin aufgenommen. Die hohe Nachfrage aus dem Raum Deutschland veranlasste die Compass Security AG, ihre Aktivitäten sowie […]

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Why does Compass Security recommend HSTS?

Secure web communications using HTTPS isn’t anything fancy anymore these days. It ensures traffic from a user to your web application cannot be eavesdropped or tampered with, given it has been set up securely using SSL/TLS. But, do you trust your web application’s code to entirely disregard unencrypted requests? Are you sure your Apache/IIS is […]

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