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ASFWS – Cybercrime to Information Warfare & “Cyberwar”: a hacker’s perspective

Slides available on Raoul Chiesa & Loan Landry had the last words of AppSec Forum Western Switzerland for the concluding presentation. Let’s be honest, trying to resume Raoul and Loan’s presentation within a few lines is a hard task. And this task gets more complicated or even impossible as they explicitly asked us not […]

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ASFWS – SuisseID talk

Due to a canceled presentation, a slot became available Thursday afternoon and Dominique Bongard used this time for an improvised talk about SuisseID. Without any slides but by dynamically switching between different websites and documents, he started an interesting and interactive discussion with his public around the goals, limitations and risks linked to a SuisseID, […]

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ASFWS – OAuth: un protocole d’autorisation qui authentifie?

Slides available on Maxime Feroul started his presentation with the fact that we all currently have many different identities on the Internet. Federating a common solution is far from being easy, as it must be secure and easy for all stakeholders. Ideally, you would want to use your LinkedIn, Xing or SalesForce profile to […]

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ASFWS – Node.js Security – Old vulnerabilities in new dresses

Slides available on In a similar way than the previous day’s OPA presentation of Alok, Sven Vetsch guided us through Node.js, a high performance JavaScript web server based on Google’s V8 engine. Node.js (abbreviated Node afterwards) features a full API with no blocking actions. With a simple “Hello World!” example in JavaScript we got […]

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ASFWS – Hash-flooding DoS reloaded: attacks and defenses

Slides available on As denial of service attacks based on hash-flooding are not a new topic, Jean-Philippe Aumasson and Martin Boßlet started with an introduction about this topic. Storage of data in hash tables is usually done for any array-based information, such as data sent for a GET or a POST request towards a […]

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ASFWS – Keynote 2 – From Pay-TV to cyber security

Original Prezi presentation available on Prezi converted slides available on Olivier Brique, VP Cybersecurity Technology of Swiss company Kudelski offered us an insightful and dynamic dive into the history of his company, initially producing high quality microphone before developing Pay-TV solution and finally announcing, on the 21st of last month, a new cyber […]

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ASFWS – A critical analysis of Dropbox software security

Slides available on It was a full (or even an overfilled) room, in which several people did not find a seat, which listened to Nicolas Ruff and Florian Ledoux’s presentation. The topic is certainly appealing but the reputation of Nicolas Ruff aka newsoft (“Security researcher, hacker, blogger, serial speaker, troll herder, happy father & […]

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ASFWS – Bee Ware WAF

Slides available on This talk from Matthieu Estrade (CTO of Bee Ware), entitled officially “Sécurité des application web, analyse technique versus analyse contextuelle” was in fact a kind of sales pitch for Bee Ware, a special kind of Web Application Firewall (WAF). Compass Security has an extensive knowledge about leading WAF products in the […]

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Slides available on Alok Menghragani already presented the initial keynote of the conference. This time, he presented us a personal project, not linked in any ways to his current employer. Started in 2008, OPA is an open-source framework designed for being used by companies. Instead of having to learn different technologies for different platforms, […]

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ASFWS – Mimikatz

Slides available on Benjamin Delpy, aka GentilKiwi, presented us the sekurLSA and crypto part of his trendy and increasingly famous tool called Mimikatz. If you haven’t heard of it yet, I’m convinced that once you read this article and the slides, you’ll certainly want to try out this great tool immediately on a Windows […]

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