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Raoul Chiesa & Loan Landry had the last words of AppSec Forum Western Switzerland for the concluding presentation. Let’s be honest, trying to resume Raoul and Loan’s presentation within a few lines is a hard task. And this task gets more complicated or even impossible as they explicitly asked us not to disclose some of the information they presented us. So instead of trying to sum up a very rich presentation and maybe disclose things I should not, I prefer referring you back to the detailed slides of the presentation they gave us.

After this final talk, there was still time for a good apéritif before joining the Château d’Yverdon for a final meal together. It was great having all remaining people around a single table and be able to exchange further about all the seen topics over the two last days. Unfortunately I couldn’t attend too long in the evening, as I had to catch the last train to Zürich on the same evening, but definitely enjoyed my time in Yverdon-les-Bains.

From a personal point of view, I really enjoyed the conference as well as the social events, which were really enriching. I would have loved to present further topics from the conference such as news about mobile devices, web security or how to hack the Twitter API, but this was simply impossible, as I could not attend the presentation of both tracks at the same time.

As a conclusion, I hope you enjoyed this detailed articles about ASFWS 2012 as much as I liked attending it. Therefore I look forward for the next edition and hope, as expressed in this slide from Raoul’s presentation, you will be keen as well to participate at the next edition too!