Today, Compass Security published a public advisory regarding nevisProxy, a product from AdNovum, used by several Swiss financial institutions.

nevisProxy is a secure reverse proxy with an integrated web application firewall (WAF). It acts as a central upstream entry point for web traffic to integrated online applications. nevisProxy controls user access and protects sensitive data, applications, services, and systems from internal and external threats. nevisProxy is a component of AdNovum’s security framework Nevis (source).

Instead of focusing this post on the issue itself, I would like to take the opportunity to show how well the vendor AdNovum handled the vulnerability we identified. In less than a few hours after the disclosure, our initial mail was acknowledged and their team was already working towards a resolution. On the following morning, the vendor informed all its customers by releasing a security bulletin and a blog entry (AdNovum Security Bulletin 2012-03 – only accessible via their customer portal), containing a mitigation proposal. A concrete date for a patch release (March 14, 2012) was communicated at this occasion as well. Only two working days later, AdNovum has sent an email reminder about this issue, ensuring all customers were aware of the issue and could take adequate steps to safeguard themselves.

We often hear and read rants about vendors giving bad examples on how to (not) handle security issues. Hopefully this example of AdNovum will show that some vendors know how to manage security issues quickly and professionally, in the best interest of their customers – and their own reputation.

Our advisory can be found on