Black Hat USA in Las Vegas is one of the biggest IT security conferences in the world. Every year, thousands of security-interested people attend the conference that is held in the infamous Caesars Palace, the heart of Las Vegas. And as every year, two security analysts of Compass have participated the conference to learn about the latest trends in IT security.

Black Hat easily combines the transfer of the latest top-class security know-how and networking among the attendees with a social frame around the conference. The sponsored Rapid7 Party in the Palms Hotel is just one example, how to combine “work” with pleasure. The Defcon conference takes place right after Black Hat and focuses more on the “geeky” audience.

This paper summarizes some of the most interesting talks we’ve attended during these five days (Black Hat and Defcon). We encourage you not only to read this summary but also to go online and take a closer look at the videos or the slides.

Please download the paper here: