Recently our analysts have been spending increasing amounts of time on IoT security. More specifically looking at the Tensilica Xtensa microcontroller architecture, and even more specifically at the Mongoose OS¬†embedded operating system. With some public (CVE-2017-7185), and some not yet disclosed advisories (watch this space for Dobin Rutishauser’s work), we are happy to announce that Philipp Promeuschel and Carel van Rooyen will be presenting a workshop at this week’s conference (September 19th – 22nd, The Hague, Netherlands).

Their submitted talk ran a bit long, therefore the longer workshop format will be used instead, and for the first time at this year’s event. For those of you still in need of a ticket the discount code: SPEAKERHW17 can be used for a 10% discount (provided that you spend some of the savings on beer for the presenters afterwards).

The team will cover their experiences evaluating Mongoose OS on ESP32 and ESP8266 devices, discuss possible attack vectors, and do a fair amount of demos for both sides – those interested in securing devices and those interested in attacking devices.

Here is the list of all speakers at the event –¬†

Be sure to visit this workshop, and feel free talk to the team about IoT security.