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Author: Emanuel Duss

Wrap-up: Hack-Lab 2017 #3

What is a Hack-Lab? Compass Security provides a monthly playful occasion for the security analysts to get-together and try to hack new devices, dive into current technologies and share their skills with their fellows. Topics The following topics, tools and technology has been discussed during this Hack-Lab: Nessus Automation Tools Automate Everything Frida on an […]

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SAMLRequest Support for SAML Raider

About a year ago, the Burp extension SAML Raider [0] was released as a result of a bachelor thesis [1] inĀ collaboration with Compass Security. This Burp extension automates most of the steps, which are necessary to test a SAML single sign-on process and perform according attacks. With SAML Raider, anĀ authentication bypass vulnerability in a Service […]

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