SAML Raider [0] is a Burp Suite [1] extension for testing SAML infrastructures. The last two releases contain several new features. This blog post describes the most important changes.

Change Overview

  • UI Changes
  • New Text Editor
  • Raw Mode
  • XSW Match / Replace
  • Parameter Name Definition
  • XXE & XSLT Attack Templates

Pull Request

I was very happy to receive a pull request [2] which added some features. Because not everything worked as expected, I had to fix some issues and used the time also to clean up the UI a bit and introduced the new “raw mode”.


UI Changes

The buttons for the attacks are re-arranged and some new buttons / functonalities are available:

Attack buttons

Until now, the main SAML Raider editor UI contained the attacks on the left and the message information on the right:

Previous UI

This uses a lot of space. To save some, the message information part was moved to a separate tab.

SAML Attack Tab:

SAML Attacks

SAML Message Info Tab:

SAML Message Info

This is especially useful in repeater where you have less space:

SAML Attacks in Burp Repeater

Yes, I know, the UI is still not perfect, but at least better than before 🙂.

Text Editor

The text editor was changed. Previous editor:

Old editor

The new editor provided by Burp shows line numbers and allows now searching the SAML message:

Searching in the SAML message

Raw Mode

When XXE attacks are performed, the XML containing the XXE payloads should not be processed by SAML Raider itself. For this, a new raw mode was introduced:

Raw Mode option

If this mode is enabled, the XML is sent as-is to the target, without processing it anymore. Only the encoding is performed. This should be used when launching XXE attacks.

Because of this use-case, the SAML messages are not prettified anymore. They are shown as they are received and decoded (URL & base64 decoding):

Decoded SAML message

If you want to have a look at a prettified message, you can still do this in the SAML Message Information tab:

Prettified SAML message

XSW Match & Replace

There is a new functionality where you can add match & replace rules which are applied for the XSW attacks:

Match / replace rules for XSW attacks

This can be used to define wich values should be changed in the XSW attack in the evil assertion.

Parameter Name Definition

It’s now possible to specify the parameter names of the SAML messages in the SAML Raider Certificates tab:

Custon parameter configuration

This allows you to process custom parameters:

Custom parameters can now be analyzed

XXE / XSLT Attack Templates

There are two new buttons which can be used to automatically insert an XXE / XSLT attack payload:

XXE / XSLT attack buttons

Both buttons will first ask for a Burp Collaborator URL:

Collaborator URL dialogue

Inserted XXE attack payload (this automatically enables the raw mode):

Applied XXE attack

Inserted XSLT attack payload (see [3] for more details):

Applied XSLT attack

Note: These are just some basic checks which perform DNS interaction with your Burp Collaborator server. It could be possible that such DNS requests are not possible. Always try other XXE attacks which could reflect content in the response or in error messages.


As always, you can install the latest version from the BApp Store [4]:

Install SAML Raider


SAML Signature Spoofing:

Happy SAML testing 😀🤘,