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Österreich sucht die besten Hacker!

Die Cyber Security Austria sucht die besten Hacker aus Österreich. Dem Gewinner winkt ein attraktiver Preis und ein Stipendium. Die Compass Security AG stellt die Technik und das Hacking-Lab bereit. In einer Qualifikation von Juli bis November qualifizieren sich die Finalisten für einen Final im November 2012. Wollen Sie mehr über das Hacking-Lab erfahren? Über […]

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NEW: FileBox Client for Microsoft Windows

FileBox is a secure file transfer solution, developed and provided by Compass Security. When we look back, the solution was required couple of years ago, in order to exchange confidential information, reports and forensic results with our customers. E-Mail encryption like PGP or S/MIME is still not supported everywhere and has its size limitations. Eventually, […]

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Mobile Banking Sicherheit – Interview DRS1 Espresso

Als Vorstandsmitglied von ISSS bin ich zum Thema Mobile Banking befragt worden. Das ist ein Thema, mit dem ich mich zurzeit stark beschäftige, auch weil ich kürzlich Mobile Phones forensisch untersucht habe und sich die Compass Security stark mit iPhone Trojanern, API-Hooking und Keyloggern beschäftigt. Grundsätzlich bin ich der Meinung, dass aktuell (18.5.2012) die Nutzung […]

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March Hacking-Lab News 2012

What’s new with Hacking-Lab? 1) New LiveCD Please note, we have uploaded the new Hacking-Lab LiveCD v5.83 to * 2) New Video Tutorial Watch this short tutorial and learn how to use multiple firefox profiles with your new LiveCD * 3) OWASP AppSec EU OWASP rocks!!! Join the University Challenge in Athens this […]

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Next Beer-Talk in June 7th, 2012

Hi all, Don’t miss our tech/geek research talk series; mark the next Beer-Talk that will be held next June 7th, 2012 in Jona Switzerland in your agenda. As we have multiple research topics you can choose, please mark your favorite in the survey below: Survey – Did you miss the last Beer-Talk about Advanced […]

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OWASP Apache Struts2 Security Challenge in Hacking-Lab

Hi all, As you might know, Hacking-Lab is providing free OWASP TOP 10 hands-on challenges to the OWASP community. This is an inner service of GEC (Global Education Commitee) and as part of the Academy Portal project. Vulnerabilities within used frameworks and libraries, like the Apache Struts vulnerability do not have a prominent place with […]

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ISSS St.Galler Tagung 2012 – iPhone (In)Security in an Enterprise env

Ivan Bütler, CEO of Compass Security and board member of ISSS is proud to announce the third ISSS St.Galler Tagung next March 28, 2012 in Saint Gall. Don’t miss this event, where we dig into iPhone security. First, Riccardo Trombini will introduce the threats; a MobileIron and Goods Technology expert answers with the appropriate remedy. […]

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